Rebecca Leigh Morey

Integrated Holistic Practitioner, Emotion Code Certified


Emotion Code Session

Release trapped emotional baggage and correct other imbalances in the body.


Heart Wall Series

A Heart-Wall hampers your ability to give and receive love and feel other positive emotions. It contributes to feelings of isolation, sadness, and other emotional problems.

93% of people have a Heart-Wall! Do you?



Discover the underlying causes and  imbalances for your entire energetic and physical being.  Do you have a heart-wall, body-wall or offensive energies present?  How many nutritional deficiencies or excesses are present? Let's find out!


Chakra Cleanse and Alignment

Chakra energy healing is designed to align your body and mind and leave you in a place of improved wellness and harmony. 


Space Cleansing

Do you ever feel like you are surrounded by "BAD VIBES"?  Does that basement or attic give you the creeps?  Do you ever feel a presence when no one is in the room?  Do you feel like you attract negativity? Don't recontaminate your clean energy.  It's time to clear your space!


Sound Bath Healing

A sound healing session is probably like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It’s truly musical medicine that awakens and heals the Spirit!


Sound Bath

The powerful vibrations stimulate the body to release stress and muscle tension, to restore its own harmony, to reawaken its regenerative capabilities, and shift you into a relaxed state being.


Angel Healing Therapy

Angel healing, also know as Angel Therapy, is a form of energy healing for balancing the individual with the assistance of Angels. Working with the Angelic realm for energy healing is a gentle way to promote health on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


Emotion Code

An assessment is an evaluation which includes muscle testing for the presence of structural imbalances, low-grade pathogens, nutritional imbalances, toxins, all organ and gland circuits, trapped emotions, and the Heart-Wall.


Healing Packages

These Energy TRANSFORMATION Packages are designed to help you release, rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit.

My Approach

I believe every soul has been created to experience joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity.  Free of physical and emotional pain.  Let me assist you to identify and release the imbalances holding you back from being all that God designed you to be. Your healing results will allow you to live the life you dream of.  Together, we can work to raise your energy vibration to bring about Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Relationship, Career and entire Family healing and growth.

About Me

My name is Rebecca Leigh Morey (my friends call me Becka).  

I am an Integrated Holistic Practitioner and Emotion Code, Certified, Artist, Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I live in New Port Richey, Florida with my husband and 2 pups.   

Becka blew me away! She helped me feel very relaxed and informed about the whole process. She was patient while answering questions and concerns I had. After my very FIRST session with Becka I was able to sleep throughout that whole night. I woke up the next morning pain free! I was in shock. For several days I kept waiting for the pain to return. No pain. After each session I sleep so well and wake up with a new energy the next day. Through Becka’s help, I now feel more in control of my days, surrounded by more positive energy and at peace.

Cathy - Illinois  6/2019


Rebecca Leigh Morey

New Port Richey, FL


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