Animal Healing

The main difference between people and animals receiving Energy Healing sessions is just this: Animals are wide open and receptive to allow in the most productive session possible. Animals naturally understand and respond to this non-invasive healing modality for what it is and what it does for them…not because they anticipate any benefits or because they feel safe and assured by the practitioner. The response from the animals is the proof that Energy Healing works.

I am dedicated to working with many challenging areas of an animal’s life. My goal is to bring your animal(s) back to physical, emotional, and mental wholeness so they can feel happier and more free in their Spirit!  I offer several different healing modalities specially designed for your pet's individual needs:


Allergy and Intolerance Testing

Releasing Trapped Emotions

Trauma Release and Realignment

Energy Healing

Biofield Alignment

Magnet Therapy


Prior to your session an email will be sent with a questionnaire targeting your animal's specific issues to correct.  During the treatment, I work in the bio-energy field above the body and also use touch on the animal’s feet, legs, trunk, back, neck, and/or head. Benefits may be felt by the animal (and witnessed by the owner) immediately and increase over the next twenty-four hours. Chronic or degenerative issues benefit from a series of treatments.


I make every attempt to clear as many issues as possible in a 30 minute session. Should additional time be required, extra remaining time can be used in future sessions.  For the comfort of your pet, sessions can be done via phone, video, in studio or at the safe space of the animal (additional fees may apply).

Please contact me to help you design the best healing program for your beloved friend.

***Please note - Animals and their behaviors are complicated and often the behavior results from a dynamic between the animal and their owners or between other animals in the household. It can take a few sessions to clear all of these varying factors for both animal and owner.  Energy healing compliments veterinarian care to improve the animal’s well-being and quality of life; it does not replace medical attention.


30 Minute Session - $60

60 Minute Session - $120

To Schedule an Appointment or Questions - Call or Text