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Rebecca Morey Holistic Healer

Energy Healing-
Chakra Cleanse and Alignment

Rebecca Morey Holistic Healer

Elevate Your Well-Being with Chakra Clearing

Unlock your inner potential through Chakra Clearing, a transformative energy healing experience. Discover and revitalize your seven chakras, the energy centers connecting your physical and spiritual self.

What to Expect: In each session, we call upon divine guidance to identify and rejuvenate your chakras. We remove emotional baggage, psychic traumas, and energy attachments, starting with cleansing your magnetic biofield. Customized modalities like affirmations, emotional release, and essential oils are used for immediate results, leaving you relaxed and enlightened.

Continued Support: Receive post-session suggestions, including reading material and daily exercises like meditations and positive mind reprogramming. Embrace your healing journey.

Flexible Sessions: Sessions are available in-person, over the phone, via video, or as distance healing.

60-90 Minute Session - $85: Book your session now to experience the transformative power of Chakra Clearing.

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