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Energy Healing-
Chakra Cleanse and Alignment


Inside all of us lie 7 energy centers of spiritual power. The premise is that these 7 centers are connected to the major organs and glands that govern our body. These centers are called chakras, a term derived from Indian religions that means “wheel of energy.” Simply put, we believe chakras are responsible for transforming and meshing the energy from our physical body with our psychological, emotional, mental, and non-physical energies.

What to expect during a Chakra Clearing session?  I call upon our Divine God, Spiritual Guides, Masters and Ancestors to participate during this session to help guide me to determine which Chakra's need energizing, or removal of entities/parasitical energetic conglomerates. We will also determine if your energy is carrying inherited emotions, psychic traumas and any other dirty energy that may be hindering your healing progress.  Your magnetic biofield is initially cleansed to remove stagnant emotional debris, in order to make way for the deeper work. We then begin work on the Charkas. Continual scanning of the chakras throughout the session is required for ultimate cleansing and re-energizing. 


Each session is customized to individual needs.  I incorporate many healing modalities which may include but not limited to:  affirmations, releasing trapped emotions, cord removal, chakra stones, healing frequencies, magnetic alignment, color vibration and custom blended essential oils specifically for Chakra healing.  Including these modalities takes us on a deeper level of cause and effect.  No two sessions are alike but results are always felt immediately.  By the end of the session you will feel relaxed, enlightened and peaceful.

As follow-up, I offer suggestions and recommendations, such as reading material, visual or sound meditation to help continue the healing journey at an appropriate pace. Further self maintenance such as simple daily exercises are offered in forms such as short meditations, creative daily visualization, positive mind reprogramming, or Kundalini Yoga.


Sessions can be done either in person, phone or video or distance healing.  . 

60-90 Minute Session $120


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