Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness is a simple, practical and different modality that works to really change your life. It gives back the YOU that you have forgotten and ignored for many years. Like most of us, you have probably lived your life doing everything you could to get everything right. Be nice and good, successful while making sure to keep the bad away. All the while avoiding failure and all that you judged as wrong.


Typical logic is, “the more I get it right, the happier I will be.” This is completely flawed and only leads to deep unhappiness, failing at being right, and despair for the wrongness that you feel.

What is the alternative and what does Access Consciousness offer? And if it was NOT about being right, wrong, and judgments. What if you could be everything and it’s just a matter of tuning into what is true for you? Having the choice and being aware of what you create in YOUR life?


What if you made you the creator of your life, and chose kindness to guide you?

Sounds far fetched and too spiritual? You decide.

60 Minutes - $120

90 Minutes - $145


The Access Bars is a great start to dissipate the limitations and points of view that you have about all areas of your life; from money to creativity to healing.

The 32 points on the head, when gently touched, simply release the energy blocks from the judgments that you have taken on in your life. What have you decided that is that isn’t? When you release the limitations, it open up spaces in your head for different possibilities to show up in your life.

We are also taught to have it all figured out, to plan and to decide. This in fact simply limits what can show up in your life. Are you ready to ask questions? To be surprised and curious?

Would you like to be more open and explore YOU and your life?


The founders of Access Consciousness are Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

Gary founded Access Consciousness more than 30 years ago in the USA. He knew that there had to be more to life and was willing to ask questions. He then channeled the Bars points, tried this process a noticed big changes in his life so he continued and started to teach others the Bars.

Dain joined as co-founder more than 16 years ago and has since contributed so much with energy work, and his own take on life and living.

They both facilitate classes all over the world, and invite all of us to step up to be the gifts that we are. Each one of us is unique and have different capacities and gifts that we contribute to the life of people around us.

It is all about creating a different reality which is NOT about fitting in, but rather about expanding and creating new possibilities with ease, joy and glory. All of this in your day to day life with people who have your back.


1.  You lie fully clothed and comfortable on a massage table with the Practitioner gently touches the Bars points on your head;

2.  During the session, people often feel energy flowing through their body, flashes of color, tingling sensations, thoughts or images that flash by like a movie at high speed!

3.  After the session, clients feel more peace and quiet, as if some heaviness has been lifted. This sensation of well-being is lasting, and receiving the Bars regularly also helps to continually release the accumulation of stress and emotions.


60 Minutes - $120

90 Minutes - $145