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Reiki I, II, III Classes

Rebecca Morey - Reiki Master and Instructor

Welcome to the World of Reiki

Reiki is a powerful healing practice renowned for its ability to alleviate pain and discomfort. However, it offers much more than just physical relief. It's a gateway to unlocking your psychic abilities, embarking on a profound metaphysical journey, and nurturing spiritual growth.

In my Reiki classes, you'll not only learn the techniques but also integrate them into your daily life, creating a transformative experience even for skeptics. Reiki channels the purest form of energy – love – which can become a source of healing and compassion in your life.

Discover Divine Love

As you delve into the world of Reiki, you'll receive the Reiki attunement, which empowers you to channel divine love. Imagine a life where love permeates everything, and you perceive it in every aspect of existence. Our classes jump-start your spiritual path, making this vision a reality.

Unleash Your Healing Abilities

In addition to Reiki techniques, you'll gain insights into your innate healing capabilities and intuitive nature. Through simple practices, you'll become attuned to the love energy that surrounds us. Over nine hours of instruction in a two-week period, you'll witness your intuition awakening, making you more sensitive to energies and messages.

Healing through Love

Reiki enables you to channel pure divine love through your body, offering instant access to this gift during the attunement on the first day of class. Love heals and fosters compassion, both for yourself and others, reducing stress and restoring balance in your life. Becka, our experienced Reiki instructor, guides you in applying these principles to all aspects of life.

A Path of Self-Discovery

Our classes set you on a path of self-discovery, enhancing your understanding of yourself, your circumstances, and those around you. Old situations take on new perspectives, leading to a release of judgment and stress.

Embrace Your Unique Gift

Each student possesses a unique gift, and Reiki unveils this offering through the attunement process. It's a profound experience that exceeds expectations.

Class Details

  • Duration: 4 hours per class

  • Cost: $250 per class (includes training materials, meditations, attunement, and a crystal bowl sound healing session)

  • Participation Requirement: Minimum of 5 participants

  • Contact Becka Morey at 480-307-1130 for any inquiries or questions.

Reiki 1, 2, and 3 classes offer a gateway to healing and love, not only for yourself but also for your friends and anyone in need. Embrace this beautiful gift and join us on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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