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Reiki I, II, III Classes

Reiki is known for healing and easing pain, but it also opens your psychic abilities that can awaken the metaphysical seeker and begin an unbelievable spiritual journey. Applying the techniques experienced in class will then become a way of life, which when applied to everyday affairs will transform even the non-believer. It channels the highest form of energy; love, which then can become a healing love.

As you learn Reiki, your empowerment comes from the Reiki attunement and the skill to channel divine love. How would your life be different, if love was everywhere and in everything and you actually realized it to be so? In this class, you will not only learn Reiki but it will jump-start you on your spiritual path and enjoyably make it happen now.

You will be provided an insight into your own inherent healing abilities and intuitive nature. The simple practices taught in class opens up awareness of the energy of love that is all around us. The sensitivity to energies and messages are anchored in over 9 hours of class during a two-week period, thus giving time to become aware of the changes happening as intuition begins to open.

Reiki is a way to channel pure divine love through your body and out to others.

This ability is given instantaneously during the attunement on the first day of class. Love heals all and activates compassion for yourself and others which will ease stress and set life into balance. Remember if you do not have empathy for yourself it will be difficult to have it for others. Becka is gifted in her knowledge of Reiki and how to apply it in every aspect of life; with friends, family, business associates, and most of all, to self.

The student will begin to walk a path that allows them a better understanding of self, situations, and others. New perceptions are attained about old situations which allow judgment and stress to drain away.

This class brings in more than could ever be imagined, for each has their own special gift and the power to find this offering is revealed from the attunement received.

Energy exchange - $250 per class and includes all training materials, meditations, attunement and a crystal bowl sound healing as well.


This is a beautiful gift you can give yourself, your friends and anyone who needs healing and love. 




(if class minimum is not met, participants will be notified and their spot remains reserved for the next class)

Questions, contact Becka Morey at 4803071130

Reiki 1, 2, 3 are 4 hours each class and costs $250 per class

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