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Healing Packages



These Energy TRANSFORMATION Packages are designed to help you release,

rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit.


In each package you’ll see a focus on releasing trapped emotions and cleansing chakra centers along with many healing modalities to clear out energetic blockages and misalignments.  Ultimately restoring your body's natural ability to heal.





Recharge- $195

($240 value)


Has life been running you down?

Take a deep breath and let us guide you back to balance.

These sessions can be scheduled separately or on the same day.


Recharge Package includes:

One 30 minute Oracle Card Reading

One 30 minute Crystal Grid Healing

One 30 minute Sound Healing Session

One 30 minute Chakra Cleanse, Balance, Energize

One 30 minute Access Bars Session







Balance- $495

($560 value)

Is the stress of work and life making you feel out of balance?

This package takes you a step further into your healing process.

These are FOUR appointments that I recommend be scheduled separately.


Balance Package includes:

Two 60 minute Emotion Code Sessions

One 30 minute Chakra Cleanse

One 60 minute Sound Massage



Harmony- $695

($800 value)



Do you feel like there is still a missing piece to your wellness?

The Harmony Package is designed to give you the recharge and balance

that you need as well as a spirit rescue session to find that missing piece.

These are SIX sessions that we recommend be scheduled separately.


Harmony Package includes:

Four 60 minute Emotion Code Sessions

One 30 minute Chakra Cleanse 

One 60 minute Access Bars Session

One 60 minute Sound Healing Session








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