Quantum Health Monthly Membership

Has your health journey lead you to another dead end?  Is your emotional baggage making you feel constantly drained?  Are you living with chronic physical pain? Do you have a loved one (or pet) who struggles emotionally?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, there is good news for you. Energy Healing may be the missing

puzzle piece to finally finding renewed health! 



Join now to start living a life of happiness, free of physical and emotional pain.  It's time to TRANSFORM your health!  It's time to feel ENERGIZED, REJUVENATED and full of PEACE! Your healing results will allow you to live the life you dream of.  Together, we can work to raise your energy vibration to bring about Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Relationship, Career and entire Family healing and growth.


Take your health to the next level!



Quantum Health Monthly Membership 

I work with clients from all over the world to uncover their true purpose, passions, to find true value in their worth, unlock their unique gifts, reconnect their intuition, and break free from limitations.

Including my consistent healing support and guidance, you can have BIGGER and FASTER results! 

Here are some of the results that participants in my Quantum Health Monthly Membership reported:

Strengthened intuition

Increased motivation

Loving and harmonious relationships

Increased self worth

Deeper connection with the Divine/God

More alignment with passions and dreams

Improved sleep

Increased energy

Releasing limiting thought patterns and beliefs (self doubt)

Increased relaxation

Increased harmony amongst family members

Major mindset shifts and breakthroughs

Improved clarity and focus

Deeper fulfillment and joy 

Renewed sense of purpose and clarity

Improved career opportunities

Overcoming fears and doubts

Pain relief

Stress relief

Improved health and overall well-being

Feeling centered, connected, supported and loved

Personal inspirations and achievements

Give yourself the GIFT of healing!


Join my Quantum Healing Monthly Membership to receive ongoing support, guidance

and healing for your life/career/business.  You deserve it!

Transformations are happening now! Break free from limitations that are holding you back from living

your life to the fullest!

Quantum Health Monthly Membership includes EVERY MONTH:

Private 1-1 Sessions

Daily Remote/Distance Healing

Weekly "Family-Oneness" Healings

Guided Meditations

Discounts on Healing Packages

Individual Wellness Check-Ups (including family members and animals)

Stress Buster Energy Booster Sessions

Exclusive healing services - For Members Only!

EXCLUSIVE information and offers

Members Only Facebook Community

Plus much more!





Memberships are with Rebecca Leigh Morey (www.energyhealer.net) and are available in 6 and 12 months increments.  In order to receive the membership price, you must pay in full at the start of the membership.  All membership payment and fees are non-refundable.  There is a charge of $25 for insufficient funds.

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