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Combination Reiki Healing, Sonic Sound Massage & Full Body Massage.....AT THE SAME TIME!  (((There! I Said it!)))

The combination of Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy in this private session is truly a rejuvenating experience. Each therapy will lead you into a state of deep receptivity in which you will feel your physical body relaxing and releasing tension, your emotional body clearing and emptying out, your mental body softening to expand, your energetic body re-calibrating and spiritual your body lighting up. You will open up all levels of your being so true healing can begin.  Add a beautiful full body massage to the mix and you have just landed in pure delight!

While resting comfortably and completely supported on a massage table, each practitioner works simultaneously giving you an opportunity to soak in the hypnotic sounds and vibrations produced by gongs, crystal singing bowls and other instruments as their unique vibrations create a powerful

vortex of vibration that will work to break apart all the stuck energy matter that is stored deep within. This is truly a profound session that will alter your state of mind and leave you in awe. This session might even propel you into another world!  You will feel expansion on every level of your being.

Single $149

Couples $210

Please call to schedule an appointment at 480-307-1130.

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