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Environmental Space Clearing


The environment surrounding us holds as much energy as our bodies do!  Our surroundings can be conductors of negative energy.  Toxic energy from arguments or illness can accumulate in shared spaces such as living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Your home can be clean and organized but still have a heavy feeling. A cleansed and energized room should feel light, fresh, and inviting when you enter. 


When Divine Light is brought into these spaces, it raises the vibration and displaces negative feelings/vibrations that may have accumulated. In other words, the living space will feel better. After your clearing you will be able to occupy rooms of the house that had been uncomfortable to be in previously.

Businesses and workplaces can also benefit from clearing and healing.
The Space Clearing service provides a very cost effective way for an individual or realtor to maximize their opportunity to sell a property.

I do not physically need to be at your location, and distance is irrelevant to energy work, which is done in the astral plane while in a meditative state.  I am available, by arrangement, to do on-location work in my local area.

Household Clearing - $125

Entity Removal - $575


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