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Becka blew me away! She helped me feel very relaxed and informed about the whole process. She was patient while answering questions and concerns I had. After my very FIRST session with Becka I was able to sleep throughout that whole night. I woke up the next morning pain free! I was in shock. For several days I kept waiting for the pain to return. No pain. After each session I sleep so well and wake up with a new energy the next day. Through Becka’s help, I now feel more in control of my days, surrounded by more positive energy and at peace.

-Cathy- Illinois 06/2019

I was experiencing PTSD when I contacted Becka. She released all negative energy related to the incidents that caused it. Her Emotion Code work allowed me to release patterns of PTSD symptoms and anxiety. Becka also did Body Code work releasing & helping to heal spine & disc problems, uterus issues, thyroid issues, and inner ear problems among others.

The changes I saw physically and emotionally from Becka’s Emotion Code  work were amazing! The releasing of the PTSD issues resulted in changes in my hands, legs, feet, and digestion. I also had less negative thoughts and anxiety. Her work allowed me to further heal from the PTSD going forward. Becka’s Emotion Code work was shocking in how she would find internal problems I had never even mentioned to her. Truly amazing gifts she has.

Becka has made a life altering impact on my life, allowing me to fully move forward in better mental, physical, and emotional health. She is professional and trustworthy. I appreciate all she has done for me & recommend her with all my heart.

-S.O- Tampa. FL

 I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage and running from myself. I left Dallas, TX and moved to FL. I googled Spiritual healers in the area and came across a gem, once meeting Becka.  After my first visit. I felt so light. In a good way. I felt so free. I felt so loved. I had a 16 foot heart wall. So many emotions that were buried that I had no idea of. I felt so lifted, so vibrant, so confident!!! Becka has been amazing!!!! To say it is a Blessing to know her, would be a mere understatement in my book!

-B. - Tampa, FL

I'm so grateful I met Becka. She has made such a difference in my life, my emotions and my outlook for the future. When we met I was going through the very painful separation of my long-term marriage. My emotions & my life were completely upside down. I was dealing with anxiety, PTSD and all kinds of fears of the future. I had tried other therapies but nothing has created such a profound and fast change in me than the emotion code sessions with Becka. She literally gave me my life back. I'm forever grateful.  Thank you!  

-Christina, Dunedin, FL

This was the best birthday present I gave to myself!  (Sound Healing Massage) My energy vibration was elevated significantly and balanced perfectly. It made me very relaxed.  Becka is a wonderful person with a shining energy field.

-Csila. CLearwater, FL 2/2020

The session was amazing and Becka was solely invested in the emotional and physical issues I was dealing with.  I felt much lighter and calm after the three sessions that I had.  Becka has helped me spiritually and mentally and continues to do so! 

-Mo- Dunedin, FL 3/2020

I have severe symptoms of several autoimmune diseases and I have witnessed Becka's own success by clearing her AI symptoms by working on herself using energy healing and emotion code techniques. After a session with Becka, I instantly feel very relaxed and lighter. I’ve seen major improvement in mood. Stress. Headaches. Vertigo. Pain. Etc. Becka was able to get rid of my vertigo right away (versus a month without her involvement). Headaches have lessened. Less pain. More calm. I highly recommend Becka's healing! 

-Michele- Belvidere IL 4/2020

I had just purchased The Emotion Code and was reading it with the intention of teaching myself how to do the technique because of patterned behaviors from when I was child were coming up and I was becoming more in tune with trauma being stored in the physical and emotional body, when I received a message from Becka on FB asking if I had a room at my yoga studio for rent when she could have clients.  I got all tingly thinking this was a divine encounter.  I immediately booked several sessions for the Heart Wall and what came from this was game changer for me.  By tapping into my subconscious mind, she was able to release so much trauma from my experiences back to when I was a child and even generational/ancestral trauma was released.  What is so important about this healing is that you are only healing yourself, but in doing so, you're releasing trauma for your children and their children, etc.  It has affected my life in profound ways, making me more self-aware, opening me up to new ways of thinking, releasing conditioned thinking/behaviors from the past, allowing me to be more compassionate with myself and others and gaining better self-acceptance of me.  The changes are subtle, at least for me they were.  I felt lighter, more able to feel emotions to a stronger degree, more able to receive love, to feel worthy to receive from others what I give out.  It impacted some of my close relationships in challenging ways, where it  was no longer good enough at status quo.  I felt to express my truth, to explain where I didn't feel fulfilled.  It offered my an entirely new perspective on my parents, their ability to parent and how that impacted me from birth.  I could view them with more compassion than ever before. Becka is one of the truly beautiful lights that shines in the Luminary Yoga & Wellness family.  She has sprinkled her gifts of healing, artistry, music and spirit throughout the space.  I will be booking more appointments with her, looking forward to sharing more sound healing baths and just sharing life's experiences.Amy - New Port Richey, FL 5/2020

-Amy- New Port Richey, FL 5/2020

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