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Gong Wash with Reiki Healing

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 
2:00 PM
Sol Flower
Sun City Classroom

13650 N. 99th Ave.
Sun City, AZ 85351


The combination of Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy is truly a rejuvenating experience. Each therapy will lead you into a state of deep receptivity in which you will feel your physical body relaxing and releasing tension, your emotional body clearing and emptying out, your mental body softening to expand, your energetic body, ultimately re-calibrating your spiritual body. You will open up all levels of your being so true healing can begin. Add a beautiful helping of Reiki Healing and you have a perfect recipe for bliss!

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Healing Yourself with the Emotion Code

Thursday, December 16, 2021

2:00 PM



Sun City Classroom

13650 N. 99th Ave.
Sun City, AZ 85351



This is an informative and hands on workshop demonstrating how to find and release the emotional baggage you've been holding on to. Learn to correct the imbalances in your body that are the root cause of your physical and emotional dis-ease and dysfunction. We will discuss how using the Emotion Code healing modality can be targeted to address specific physical or emotional issues. During this group session, each individual will have the opportunity to release many trapped emotions.

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I'm looking forward to sharing this wonderful healing modality!

Rebecca Leigh Morey
Tel: 480-307-1130

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Enter the magical world of sound healing with Rebecca Morey.


Discover the innovative music that has been heralded as the “new genre” of the millennium and learn about the singing crystal bowl phenomenon that is sweeping the world!


These sound healing workshops with singing crystal bowls are hands-on and interactive. You will learn about vibrational healing, the chakra system, sound correspondences with organs of the body, color and toning, and how sound works to assist in healing and harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.


At this Sound Healing Workshop you will:


  • Learn to play the singing crystal bowls and have them played on you

  • Discover which sound notes are best for you now.

  • Participate in a guided meditation.

  • Unearth the unique history of bowl music.

  • Define vibrational healing and sound therapy.

  • Meet the energy centers of the body.

  • Investigate new ways of integrating your singing crystal bowls with vibrational therapies.


Each crystal bowl sound healing workshop is specifically designed for those in attendance. Beginners, those who have just purchased, or who are thinking of buying a singing crystal bowl will gain confidence on the basics such as chakra balancing, healing and meditation sessions protocols as well as care and use of the singing bowls.


Singing Bowls and other instruments will be provided for use during the workshop. 


Pre registration and payment required by January 10, 2022  




(if class minimum is not met, participants will be notified and their spot remains reserved for the next class)

Questions, contact Becka Morey at 480-307-1130