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Reiki 2 Class

Unlock New Dimensions of Healing with Reiki Level 2

Experience the next level of Reiki training, where you'll delve deeper into the art of healing and unlock the ability to send Reiki energy across distances. Whether you receive your Reiki attunement in person or online, your hands will become powerful healing tools, capable of distant healing.

Elevate Your Healing Skills

In Reiki Level 2, you'll build upon the foundation laid in Reiki Level 1, taking your healing abilities to new heights. While the chakras of the hands in Level 1 were only partially open, the Level 2 attunement fully unlocks and amplifies the energy, enhancing your healing capabilities.

Harness the Power of Symbols

Discover new Reiki symbols that facilitate distant healing and stimulate fresh perspectives in the realms of the mind and emotions. While some Reiki classes teach sending healing energy across physical distances, our training goes beyond, allowing you to traverse all dimensions of time and space, including the past and future. This expanded use of the distant Reiki symbol opens up limitless possibilities.

Connect to Higher Consciousness

The Level 2 attunement also initiates energies to higher levels of consciousness by further expanding the crown chakra. This heightened connection to Universal Intelligence and the infinite power of the universe amplifies the intuition you developed in Reiki Level 1.

Heal Beyond Humans

In this class, you'll not only extend your healing abilities to humans but also to our beloved animal companions. Learn the art of communication and healing with our four-legged friends, deepening your bond with them.

Class Details

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $250​

Reiki Level 2 is your gateway to advanced healing, distant healing, and a profound connection to higher consciousness. Join us on this transformative journey and elevate your Reiki practice to new horizons.

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