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Distance Healing

"Energy knows no barriers of distance.  Your intention to heal, and your belief that it can be done make it so. . .  Proxy testing works like a cell phone. Our bodies have a built-in capacity to quickly and easily "dial" someone else, and create an energetic connection with them."

-Dr. Bradley Nelson, author The Emotion Code and holistic physician, creator The Body Code. 

Energy is truly everywhere and fills up every microscopic space. The connection between the client and practitioner by proxy on Skype or telephone is as powerful as the connection is in person.  With permission, the practitioner "becomes" the client being tested and allows their body to be used to benefit the client. Proxy testing is beneficial when someone is unable to be physically present.  When the practitioner releases trapped emotions from a client across town, in another city or country, it is a form of remote or distance healing. 

What is muscle testing?  Muscle testing is a form of kinesiology to access the subconscious mind in order to evaluate the body's imbalances and to determine its needs. The subconscious mind is a binary holographic computer that catalogs every second of our lives. We can ask "yes" and "no" questions to tune-in and gain accurate information.  This is safe and gentle. Our body does not lie and our subconscious knows exactly what needs to be released in order to heal. When I do a session either in-person or remotely, I use muscle testing to communicate with the client's subconscious.  This acts as a direct messaging system to release trapped emotions and to find and clear the underlying causes of illness or pain in their bodies.

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