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This session is designed to facilitate lasting and profound shifts for recipients.


Areas of focus:

Manifestation and Creation

Connecting with Your Original Energetic Programming

Healer Activation

Releasing Trauma to Move Forward


Treatment includes:

Chakra Cleanse & ReActivation

Releasing Energetic Densities

Reconnecting Your Soul to It's Original Energetic Programming

Craniosacral Therapies & Reiki Healing

Facilitated Pranayama & Guided Meditation

Sound Clearing with Gong & Alchemy Bowls

Specific Healing Affirmations

Customized Crystal Grid

Merkaba ReActivation

Frequency Attunement


Session Duration: 2.5 hours

Available as 1:1 Session Only 

Cost: $222


Please schedule at least 1 week in advance

Because of the nature of this session please prepare your body by eating nourishing food and drinking plenty of water ahead of time.

Rebecca Morey Holistic Healing Practitioner
Rebecca Morey, Holistic Healing Practitioner
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