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Ionic Foot Detox Bath

The Ionic Foot Detox Bath can assist with headache & pain relief, joint stiffness, improved sleep patterns, removing heavy metals, menstrual pain, Arthritis pain, and boosting the immune system as well as improving kidney and liver functions.

While immersing your feet in the water, the machine emits positive and negative ions, re-energizing the body. This type of machine is described as a Detox machine because the response of a re-balanced body is to excrete any excess toxins via the kidneys, liver, bowels, and skin not only DURING but also AFTER treatment. Therefore you will experience the beneficial effects of a Detox experience.

The entire process takes 30 minutes for adults and is entirely safe. However, the Ionic Foot Detox is not recommended for pregnant women, anyone with a heart pacemaker, or an organ transplant.

What can the Ionic Detox Footbath do for me?

Detox footbaths have been reported to assist in the following areas

·Enhancing the immune system

·Assist in recovery time from injuries and surgery

·Can relieve pain and joint stiffness due to arthritis

·Improves sleep pattern

·Remove heavy metals

·Removes blood clot material

·Improve liver and kidney function



There are very few studies found on Ionic Foot Detox (IFD). Dr. Bob Moroney, the founder of A Major Difference (AMD), conducted the following studies to identify the contents in the water from an IFD.


A study by Moroney (2002) revealed "the presence of urea, glucose, and creatinine molecules in the bathwater after the ionic Spa was used, probably reflecting osmotic diffusion through the skin by co-transporters coupling the transport of cations (Na +or H+) or substrates (sugars, amino acids, and ions). He stated that no severe adverse reactions were observed from the clinical perspective. During the procedure, some patients experienced paresthesias, which rapidly faded out. Although the sample size was small, the findings support the presence of non-ionic plasmatic molecules, probably crossing the biological membranes and presumably extracting ionized toxic waste."

The study found increased toxic metals in the foot spa water compared to the water used before the session. This study confirmed a reduction in toxic metals removed from the body by using the Ionic Foot Detox system, as evidenced by the testing of the water.


Dr. Mononey, B. (2002). Ionic Foot Detox Case Studies: Is This For Real? Health and MED.

How does the Ionic Detox Footbath work?
Ionic Detox footbaths work by sending a small current that goes in a circuit through the body and generates positively charged ions. The high concentration of the ion field attaches to the negatively charged toxins neutralizing them and the body is then able to discard them through the approximate 2000 pores that are on the bottom of your feet. It alkalizes the blood and tissue thereby creating correct pH balance. Many believe that disease only occurs when your body is in an acid state.

How long are the sessions?
30 minutes is all you need for each session except for small children. They only need about 15 minute sessions.

How often should I do the footbath?
To start with you can do the footbaths every 72 hours. After about 5-10 sessions, reduce to once a week. Then for maintenance, do it once a month.

Will the color change even if your feet are not in the water?
Yes! The combination of the metals in the array with water and sea salt will cause a color change. Depending on what city you are in and how the water supply is processed will determine what color the water changes to. For example, if you live in Boise, the water may turn a yellowy-green. Texas the water may be predominantly brown. It depends on the location you live in.

Who can use an Ionic Detox Footbath?
Anyone can use the footbath except for pregnant and lactating women, people who have a pace maker and anyone who has had an organ transplant. Even children as young as 4 years of age can use it.

What type of Footbath system is used?
The BBS Professional Renovati Cleanse IV System which is the state of the art in Detox systems. It features the BBS exclusive "Triple Safety System or TSS" technology. The TSS system has three built in safety features to the BBS system to ensure the utmost safety.

Is there copper in the water Module?
The metal used in the water Module is medical grade stainless steel. We do not use copper or brass.

Rebecca is pleased to provide you with Ion Foot Detox services at her home healing studio in Surprise, Arizona.  Ionic Foot Detox Bath lasts 30 minutes and is the perfect complimentary healing modality to all of Becka's healing modalities.  

1 Session - $35

8 Ionic Sessions - $155 ($125 Savings)

14 Ionic Sessions - $245 ($245 Savings)

(Sessions may be shared with 1 other person of your choice)

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