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Healing Cards have been hand created and infused with the purest, highest, Divine Energy of Unconditional Love and Healing by Energy Worker & Artist Rebecca Leigh Morey.  Rebecca first creates the piece of artwork channeled through her guides. She then intently infuses each healing card with the frequency of the Divine Light, Unconditional Love, as well as all the therapeutic healing properties of each color frequency. In other words-they are PACKED with loads of good energy to heal! These cards retain their energy forever! Place a healing card anywhere you wish for Divine Energy to be present.Send to a loved one who needs support. Place them under food or water. If there is discomfort in your body, place one into your clothing over the area of concern. Sleep with a few placed under your mattress or under your pillow. Share them with others.This gorgeous sunflower symbolizes STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, SELF WORTH and BALANCE.  Place this on your Solar Plexus (Stomach) to ease depression and sadness.

Healing Cards Infused with Divine Love

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