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Reiki Master Class

When you commit to complete your Reiki training, you will find you will learn to be more psychic in the master Reiki class. Through the attunement and the skilled guidance of Becka your spiritual gifts will be revealed and unlocked.

Advance in Reiki to claim the gifts and psychic abilities you have always held. Learn to share these qualities in every aspect of your life with family, coworkers, intimate partners, and yourself.


The fun is to watch it unfold without expectations, for this gift can not be controlled, directed, or denied.

Some students find their second degree Reiki attunement has shaken up their energies as their vibration continues to rise. The master attunement will balance and steady this disturbance, aligning the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies allowing the real gifts of the student will be revealed.

The power uncovered does not always take the form of a healing practice as it can stem into all aspects of life, touching the business or personal world.

Numerous Master Symbols Given in Class

New traditional and non-traditional symbols given in class add to the power of Reiki. The non-traditional symbols will assist in balancing, harmonizing, grounding while supporting the immune system. The master symbol has changed over decades of practice, and all those symbols are taught in class allowing the student to choose the symbol that resonates with their newly discovered energy.

Marnie teaches her students how to stand on their own, find their path, without the need to follow a master. In that way, they truly become a master.

Add to your healing toolbox with these skills

In class, students learn to be more psychic in the master Reiki class through practicing and experiencing some of the following techniques:

  • The energetic release – opens the practitioner as well as the client to see, feel, sense, and release, issues locked in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual body.

  • Soul retrieval– shows how to assist souls who have crossed to the other side but who might be lost and confused.

  • The crystal grid –  is a sacred place where the master’s guides can continually direct light and guidance to them. Instruction on how to create grids for clients to amplify their healing are also addressed.

  • Aura readings – will increase the master’s confidence in learning to be more psychic


Tuition  $350  8-9 hours of guidance

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